Black Belt Certification

A certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a professional who is trained in advanced Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools and is responsible for leading complex improvement projects in all areas of the organization and training / mentoring staff.

During this certification program, you will learn advanced Lean Six Sigma tools, expert problem-solving methodology, and the coaching and leadership skills needed to help any organization achieve direct, quantifiable and substantial cost savings.

Lean Six Sigma Certification is managed by our partner institution, the Lean Six Sigma Institute (LSSI). Since 1998, LSSI has trained over 50,000 Lean Six Sigma professionals and helped more than 400 manufacturing, logistics, and service organizations from dozens of industries successfully implement Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools.

Duration (120 hours)

Includes the 40-hour Yellow Belt course and the 40-hour Green Belt certification courses.

If BB Participants have already completed the Yellow Belt and Green Belt requirements, only 40 hours are required.

Course Content (Black Belt only: 40 hours)

For the detailed contents for the Yellow Belt or Green Belt courses, click on the links.
  • Black Belt Introduction
  • Team Training
  • Agile Project management (SCRUM)
  • Define
      • Calculate hard and soft savings
  • Measure & Map
      • Transactional Mapping
      • Financial Measures
      • Operational Measure
  • Analyze
      • Waste Analysis in all processes within the company
      • Data Distribution
  • Improve
      • Process Improvement examples
      • Design
      • Talent Development
      • Logistics
      • Manufacturing
      • Accounting
      • Service
      • Maintenance
      • Quality
      • IT
  • Control
      • Gemba Walks
      • Kata
      • Sustainable Development (Lean Green)

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