Our Function is to Encourage Change!

The Advanced VALUE Group, LLC (AVG) was established in 2000 to provide Value Engineering (VA/VE), Competitive Japanese Method Tear-Down Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Target Costing, Material Flow Analysis, Discrete Event Computer Simulation, Statistical Process Control and many other proven methodologies and tools that are globally recognized to improve value.

AVG was founded by Jim Rains after a very successful career in General Motors (GM) as Chairman of its Corporate Value Management Committee. His professionalism and commitment to Value Engineering made him President and CEO of SAVE International (the Value Society) and member of its International College of Fellows. He was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the L.D. Miles Value Foundation and is currently a member in its Board of Trustees. With such a great start, today we bring to our clients almost 40 years of experience in working with businesses to improve value for the company and its customers.

We have built a highly respected and internationally recognized reputation for delivering high quality, value-added results that consistently exceed the industry norms but more importantly exceed our clients’ expectations.